Is Being Arrogant A Bad Thing?

What is the problem with arrogance?

In our modern day world of business, such arrogance can produce disastrous economic consequences, including the loss of customer loyalty and competitive position in one’s market.

In the case of General Motors, it led to one of the most dramatic business declines in history in a few short decades..

Why is arrogance dangerous?

Why is self-obsession dangerous? Firstly, arrogance will delude you. Arrogant people believe they and their efforts are more significant than they are. … An arrogant person is always focused on the self and will find it hard to make friends with others.

Is it good to be a little arrogant?

There are scores of people who may harm you in many ways, especially emotionally. So being arrogant can actually help in keeping them away. This can save you the time and energy wasted in dealing with such people. Arrogance creates an invisible shield around you so that no one messes with you or takes you for granted.

What is arrogance a sign of?

5 Signs That You May Be ArrogantDishonesty. If you are outright lying to someone about yourself, then it is safe to say that you are being arrogant. … Embarrassment. Being dishonest out of embarrassment is also a sign of arrogance. … Attention. Is the topic of conversation always centered around you? … Friends. … 5. Answers.