Quick Answer: What Means Obligatory?

What’s the opposite of obligatory?

obligatory(adj) required by obligation or compulsion or convention.

“he made all the obligatory apologies” Antonyms: facultative, optional, unneeded, ex gratia, elective, nonobligatory, nonmandatory, unnecessary..

What’s another word for snooty?

Synonyms & Antonyms of snootyaristocratic,elitist,high-hat,persnickety,potty,ritzy,snobbish,snobby,More items…

Who is a committed person?

A committed person is simply one who regularly keeps their commitments, what he or she has signed up to do or not do. … Of course, without doing what this young adult committed to, again there is no commitment, and he or she does not qualify as a committed person.

How do you stay committed?

8 Ways to Stay Committed to Your GoalsSet goals. Before you can stay committed to your goals, you need to set goals. … Revisit your goals frequently. Setting goals isn’t a “one and done” sort of deal. … Set routines. … Stay inspired. … Look at the big picture. … Stay accountable. … Don’t burn out. … Stay the course.More items…•

What is commit mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to carry into action deliberately : perpetrate commit a crime commit a sin. 2a : obligate, bind a contract committing the company to complete the project on time in a committed relationship. b : to pledge or assign to some particular course or use commit all troops to the attack.

What’s the difference between compulsory mandatory and obligatory?

The word mandatory is the most common of the three choices, and it is the least formal. It is particularly common in the phrases mandatory testing, mandatory sentencing and mandatory retirement. Compulsory is less common. … Obligatory is the least common of these three words, and the most formal.

Whats another word for requires?

What is another word for requires?providesstipulatesspecifiesdemandsinstructspostulatesstatesdeterminesimposesagrees229 more rows

What do obligated mean?

1 : to bind legally or morally : constrain You are obligated to repay the loan. 2 : to commit (something, such as funds) to meet an obligation funds obligated for new projects. obligate. adjective.

What is another word for obligatory?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for obligatory, like: required, unavoidable, obligation, essential, binding, necessary, coercive, compulsory, imperative, incumbent and irremissible.

How do you use obligatory in a sentence?

Obligatory in a Sentence 🔉As part of my obligatory court sentence, I must complete sixty hours of community service. … New hires must attend the obligatory orientation session. … Because Ray is an awesome host, he never fails to perform the obligatory duties like greeting each guest and keeping glasses full.More items…

Does obligatory mean compulsory?

3 Answers. Compulsory (“Required; obligatory; mandatory”), mandatory (“Obligatory; required or commanded by authority”), and obligatory (“Imposing obligation, morally or legally; binding”) have related and similar meanings. … On the other hand, the word ‘compulsory’ is generally used in the sense of ‘essential’.

What is the difference between obligatory and compulsory?

As adjectives the difference between obligatory and compulsory. is that obligatory is imposing obligation, morally or legally; binding: an obligatory promise while compulsory is required; obligatory; mandatory.

What is difference between compulsory and mandatory?

Compulsory and mandatory essentially mean the same thing, as in you have no choice. But compulsory means you have to do, mandatory means it must be done.

Are we obligated to help others?

Empathy is the ultimate virtue. Only when acting out of empathy do we understand other people, meaning that the only way we can understand others and our obligation to them is through empathy. When we do empathize with those in need, we understand their pain and need, and so we are obligated to help them.

What is the meaning of I am committed?

If you’re committed to something, you’re pledged or obligated to do it. If you’ve already jumped out of the plane, you’re committed to your skydive — there’s no turning back!